2170 River Road,
Coeymans, NY 12045

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The Port of Coeymans site was formerly a brick manufacturing plant. In its heyday, the Powell & Minnock Brick Company Plant manufactured millions of bricks per year and transported a large portion of those bricks to New York City via barge. The plant closed in December 2001 displacing approximately 100 employees. P&M Brick, LLC purchased the site on March 12, 2002.

The new owners have focused on restructuring the site to become a full service port. Completed projects include a high load dock, construction of a 300 foot long inlet channel with 15 feet of depth, the dredging of the river to a 32 foot depth and renovation of the existing buildings. The current Port of Coeymans is comprised of two properties and totals 375 acres. The port property contains 125 acres, while the adjacent property located just across Route 144 contains 250 acres.

We are a fully operational stevedoring facility with 5 cranes and 4 material handlers. We have a 300 foot dock, accept vessels of 750 feet LOA, we do not have a beam restriction, and we receive vessels with 31 feet of draft. Our inlet channel is 300’ x 60’ with 15’ of draft and is capable of being loaded from both sides. On site we have multiple buildings and lay down areas available.

The Port of Coeymans prides itself on its “out of the box thinking”, using in-house expertise to find creative ways to exceed customer expectations and take on the most demanding projects. We have completed such projects as moving tunnel boring machines to Russia, building of Willis Avenue Bridge and cooling towers for Astoria II power plant project. At present the site has a tenant building a heat recovery steam generator, which when assembled will weigh 320 tons and will be barged down to New York City. We have berthed and unloaded many ships with various commodities such Gypsum, Salt, Scrap, bauxite, slag etc.

The Port of Coeymans is quietly becoming a gateway to the world.  Whether it’s shipping steel to Turkey, precast concrete and prefabricated bridges to New York City or recycled products from urban areas, we are doing our best to create jobs and stimulate economic activity while at the same time conserving valuable natural resources and energy.