Sewer repair works closes Consaul Road

By Haley Viccaro March 15, 2016

— Consaul Road between Elliott and Cromer avenues will be closed to traffic today.Untitled

An emergency sewer repair will close the block of Consaul Road starting at 9 a.m. today, according to the city’s Signal Superintendent John Coluccio.

The repairs by Carver Construction Company of Altamont are expected to take two days to complete, Coluccio said.

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Coeymans port owner details preservation efforts

The owner of the Port of Coeymans has been depicted by some local preservation and environmental advocates as an New POC Logoindustrial bogeyman who wants to swallow up everything in this old Hudson River community in the name of his business.

But Carver Laraway, who went from a teenage construction worker to a local business mogul, said he’s more than the man behind the cranes that sort scrap metal near the river’s shore, or the trucks that go back and forth all day carrying products like dried corn and road salt from the port’s staging area off Route 144.

The Guilderland-based businessman said he wants to invest in preserving the hamlet of Coeymans. His most recent acquisition is the purchase of a historic, burned-out home that overlooks the Hudson River in hopes it can be renovated.

“It’s all about how we are going to fix up the community,” he said recently at the Port of Coeymans’ headquarters, a horse barn that he had rehabilitated after he purchased the former P & M brick plant property about 15 years ago. “Keep industry to the north, residential to the south.” Continue reading “Coeymans port owner details preservation efforts”

Port of Coeymans to build bridge to decrease truck traffic on roadways

The Port of Coeymans will invest $1.1 million in the construction of a new bridge.a1

The 90 feet by 20 feet steel bridge will connect the port and the industrial park across State Route 144, decreasing truck traffic on State Route 144 and Riverside Drive in Coeymans, New York.

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Parade celebrates town’s rebirth

By Tim O’Brien
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MIDDLEBURGH — Despite its age and all it has been through, this Schoharie County town shined Saturday as it celebrated a3the 300th anniversary of its settlement.

Almost a year after Tropical Storm Irene flooded parts of town on Aug. 28, 2011, leaving its only supermarket still shuttered, the resilient community gathered to celebrate its heritage and the small-town closeness that helps weather any storm.

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More than a dozen companies work at or move goods from the newly created Port of Coeymans

Mar 16, 2009, 12:00am EDT Updated Mar 12, 2009, 10:21am EDT
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Carver Laraway isn’t one to dismiss a business opportunity.New POC Logo

So when his attorney told him there was an old brickyard for sale in southern Albany County, the Altamont contractor bought it.

In August, almost seven years after purchasing the former P&M Brick plant on the Hudson River in Coeymans, Laraway and Eli Weis, his partner in the deal, opened the site as the Port of Coeymans. Continue reading “More than a dozen companies work at or move goods from the newly created Port of Coeymans”